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Hello! My name is Alexandra Finta, I am a freelance illustrator, designer, fine artist, professional art teacher and online educator based in Slovakia. I belong to the Hungarian minority living in Slovakia, but generally I consider myself to be an Earthling:) I speak Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, English on mother-tongue level, German, Russian and Spanish as a beginner. 


I earned my Master's Degree in Art Education in 2013 in UKF Nitra, Slovakia. I taught in several primary schools and in a private art school, all different kind of age categories from toddlers to elders. Then I became the mother of 2 kids and I finally found my passion - the perfect combination of my art enthusiasm, love for teaching and my endless curiosity of different languages, cultures and people, so I dived deep into creating online art courses.

Since then I have taught more than 50 000 people from all over the world, published 36 courses and started to write and illustrate my first children's book.

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