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Drawing Masterclass

This drawing course is the perfect guide for very beginners! It takes you from drawing a single line, through forming shapes and forms, to drawing and shading basically ANYTHING!

The course is constantly in production - on Skillshare you can see different topics as different classes and on Udemy you can purchase all classes in one giant bundle. 


Drawing is a skill anyone can learn! It is the most important building block of all art- illustration, graphic design, fine art and even animation starts with sketches and drawings! If you are the person who always though he can't learn drawing, even if you are already into some medium, like watercolors, you are in the right place!

As a professional art teacher with a Master's Degree in Art Education, in the last 10 years I watched people form all age categories learn drawing. In the last year I was researching the perfect methodology to teach a very beginner art fundamentals and I combined all these experiences and also the feedback from my first drawing course to create a comprehensive Masterclass.

It has 3 levels: The Beginner Levels Skills, The Intermediate Level Skills and The Advanced Level Skills.


In "The Beginner Level Skills"our focus is to explore your inner symbol set, roots of your style, your relationship to drawing and the ways you LOVE to draw, styles that you are most into and try to get the most out of it! We will start with as simple things as drawing lines and build it up to creating shapes and forms.

In this class you will learn:

- to draw lines with different properties, rhythm and weight

- to hold the pencil in a stable and comfortable way

- to create an artwork entirely from lines

- to draw basic geometric shapes in order to build up more complex shapes

- to create forms from shapes (sphere, cone, cube)

- to apply values

- to shade with the "Reverse Shading Method"

- to create the illusion of space in your artworks by applying linear perspective

- to draw the different parts of the face

- to draw basic facial proportions

- to let out your personal symbol set and explore how you like to draw

- to draw with confidence

- different areas of some visual industries where you can apply your beginner level skills

The point of this level is to prepare you for the intermediate level skills, to give you a push to draw regularly and believe in yourself and your art!

2.  "10 Projects for Better Observation"

 This class is the first part of the "Intermediate Level Skills". In this class I have designed 10 Projects to get your Observational skills from copying nonsense linesto an appropriately drawn and shaded statue drawing. The class includes a 25 Page PDF Resource.

In this class you will learn:

- to copy lines and shapes from one surface to another using reference points

- to draw the outlines of an object with the help of measuring

- to get the character of an image by drawing the most important lines, curves and angles first

- to observe shadows and draw a real object in its real proportions

- to find the basic geometric shapes in complex forms

- to morph basic geometric shape compositions to appropriate contour lines

- to use the grid method

- to draw an image from a reference photo in a bigger scale

The whole course is ideal for very beginners, with zero experience with drawing. If you are the person whose automatic reply to the question "Can you draw xzy?" is an automatic NO (even when playing Activity), YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE:)

All the other intermediate level classes are still in production. (Creative Shading, Explore Perspective, Dive Deep into Portraiture). The Advanced Level's production is planned to 2020. 

So, are you ready to learn how to draw? Choose a button below!


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