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It is finally here! The Artmother's Ultimate Brush Set is a set of 6 Procreate Brushes designed and created by me.

I was testing these brushes in the last 4 years and I experimented out their best version! I have a brush for all functions I need during my illustration process - and they will serve you well too!

I am making these brushes FREE, just write your email address to the form and I will send you them via email

Check out the video below to see how to download and install the brushes!

Let's just take a look on what are these brushes good for!

Sketching Pencil - This brush is really good for sketching. I created it from real pencil marks. I love it because I can use it for so much more than just sketching! It's texture is good for creating different effects, you can add details with them, create textures, imitate materials, etc. It is a nice textured liner basically. I love it!

Clean Shaper - We need clean shapes when we are illustrating, right? I used to create my shapes with a very textured brush, but I realized that if I want a more detailed artwork and to be more precise in my more realistic pieces, I need clean shapes. So, I created it! The clean shaper will help you create clean shapes really quickly and smoothly. It is a pleasure to work with it!

Textured Shaper - Oh, well. Even though I need clean shapes sometimes, I still need this brush for my looser art pieces and for some specific things, like thick textured lines for details or building more "sketchy" shapes. This was the first brush I ever created and used it for 4 years in all of my artworks so I look at it as my baby:) or my vintage car:D You might already have this brush from me named "Liner".

Shader - This is truly my favourite brush! It is transparent, textured, pressure sensitive...everything you need for a shader:) It is REALLY, really good for creating smooth gradations. I use it to shade my shapes, add textures to them, create simple but very cool backgrounds! It is incredible what can you do with this brush:)

Texturizer - This is newest member in the team:) I wanted a brush that can add smooth textures to my artworks. It is quite similar to the shader but it is more textured. I used it in this piece to create the fluffy fur of the cat:) And I did that in minutes:) Working with this brush is pure joy:)

Dropshadow - Well, this brush is a game changer. Adding shadows to shapes is one thing, but there are shadows where things touch, shadows "below" shapes and shadows around the objects. With this brush, you can master them all! By simply adding a transparent brush stroke with black color, you can create wonderful contast in your image. With "Gaussian Blur" you can even create gradations and less definite shadows. This brush is also perfect for setting a lighting situation. This brush is a MUST!

I hope you will love this brush set as much as I do! Again, sign up for the newsletter and as a return I will send the brushes as a Google Drive Link. Check your inbox!

Please, share your artworks created with these brushes on social media! Make sure to TAG ME as @theartmother when you do so, so that I can see what you can do with these brushes! Thank you:)

Logo copy.png

GRAB THE free 
brushes here

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