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4 Ways To Add Space To Your Art in Digital Illustration | The Artmother Blog

There are more and more art enthusiasts getting into the wonderful world of digital illustration. Procreate made it easy for anyone to master the media, but either you are a very beginner or more experienced in art, at a point, you will need to explore more complex topics, for example like shading or perspective.

It is crucial to add space to your art. There are simple tools from art theory that anyone can apply to translate the 3D world to the 2D surface of the screen. Shading for example will help you to add dimension to your shapes and perspective will help you to add space with simple placement of objects. Digital artists have it a bit easier as some programs, for example Procreate, have built in tools to help them too. In this article I would love to share with you 4 ways to add space to your art.

1. Add shadows to your shapes.

Either you are working with a flat design or you are trying to create a fully rendered illustration, adding shadows will help you to create dimension. The most important is the dropshadow. By adding dropshadow below your objects you will immediately create the illusion of a surface below it. By placing the dropshadow further, you can create a “floating” effect. A really fun way to play around!

2. Play with the placement.

Things that are closer look bigger than things that are further away. This is the golden rule of Perspective. If you want to create the effect that something is further, simply make it smaller and the other way round.

3. Play with the colors.

Things that are closer are darker, warmer and more saturated than things further away. A second really cool rule that will help you to create “distance” in your work. By choosing warmer, darker and more saturated colors for the front objects and paler, brighter and cooler colors for the things in the distance, you can really make a difference. Just think about a simple landscape with mountains or trees.

4. Add vanishing points.

By applying one or two point perspective to your work you can really work like a pro! Vanishing points help you to find the perfect angle for your objects. Either you are creating a little book or a giant building, vanishing points will help you to make them look right. Fortunately, Procreate has a totally cool built in tool to help with it, so you only need to turn it on to be able to create incredible artworks.

For deeper knowledge, visit my Skillshare classes! I cover all of these topics in classes! Click the link below and you will get a 1 Month Free Premium Membership (no charge, cancel anytime) by which you can watch them for FREE! What a great deal!

I am looking forward to see you in my classes. Happy Creating!


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